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  • Hundreds of free loops in ACID, REX2 and Apple Loops formats are available for free download now.
  • Drum loops, guitar loops, bass loops, and more!
  • Many loops from unreleased products ranging from Big Rock 6/8, Pop Rock, Funk, and more.
  • Free Drum & Percussion Sample Sets in SoundFont, SFZ, and DR-008 formats.

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Recent Additions

Click Loops - Count-ins, blocks, hats, and shakers suitable for a metronome click track in ACID WAV format.

82 Unreleased Apple Loops - Mix of styles in Apple Loops format for use with GarageBand, Logic, and other Apple Loops compatible software.

36 shuffle-feel loops from Pro Drum Works Vol. 2 available in ACID, Apple Loops, and REX2 formats. Compatible with all leading Mac and PC audio software that can load ACID WAV, WAV, Apple Loops, AIFF and RX2 files.

42 REX2 files from Pro Drum Works Vol. 1 for Reason, Cakewalk Project5, Cubase, Nuendo, Halion, and any other audio sequencer or software sampler that supports REX2 files.

SL Percussion Kit Sample Set - Free Sample Set created from the same recording session as the Percussion Kit loops. SFZ/WAV banks for Dimension Pro, KONTAKT, Session Drummer 2 and any other sampler that can load SFZ or WAV samples.

Unreleased Loops - 37 Medium Slow Fills & Grooves in ACID Wav format for use in ACID, Cakewalk SONAR, Cubase, Pro Tools, and any other software that support Acidized WAV files.

Total Free Loops

293 Free ACID WAV Loops

267 Free Apple Loops

186 Free REX2 Loops