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Product Reviews

Here's what the press is saying about Smart Loops:

Electronic Musician Magazine

"These loops are very musical."

PC Recording

"A great resource for high-quality, great sounding audio and MIDI drum samples"

"The Sounds are of a very high quality and super realistic."

Music Connection Magazine

"Professionally recorded drum loops and individual samples presented with realistic sounding and natural performances …"

Electronic Musician Magazine

"When you just need that extra percussion part, check out Smart Loops' Percussion Kit."

"I found these loops to be extremely useful."

Harmony Central

"An organic, "real feel" Pop/Rock/Funk loop collection that can easily be incorporated into many styles of music."

Digital Producer

"Hundreds of loops can be mixed and matched to capture the subtleties and nuances of human performance."

Electronic Musician Magazine (Review of the Smart Loops Percussion Kit)

"All of the grooves have a great Latin feel..."

Music Connection Magazine

"Smart Loops has already proved their worth with many top record producers"

Doug Cornell of

"Fire the Drummer! When I sampled Cakewalk Drumatic Smart Loops, I knew I'd finally found what I was looking for."

"The combinations are nearly limitless, and if you are creative, no one will know you are using loops instead of real drums."

"This CD is packed with loops…"

"If you are a rock and roll musician who is seeking a great set of traditional loops, then this is the collection for you."

Music Connection Magazine (Review of Phat to Phreaky)

"Authentic hip-hop loops created by leading beat-meisters. This essential disc contains over 800 grooves, breakdowns, fills and noises … All are recorded 'bone dry' and unprocessed so you can trick them up as much as you want. "