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Adding Reverb to Just the Snare in a Stereo Drum Loop

This tutorial is for the Dry Studio Kit, Pro Drum Works Acoustic Kit, and Pro Drum Works Trap Kit loop collections.

OK, you have drum loops that were recorded dry with very little or no reverb. This can be a good thing if that's the sound you're going for. I personally don't like much reverb on my drums, except for a little on the snare sometimes. If your drum loops are stereo, which most are, adding reverb to just the snare, without affecting the other drums and cymbals, is not possible. I've put together a little trick that actually works great, and is easy and quick to setup once you get the hang of it. Plus it allows you to apply the reverb as a non-destructive effect so you can change it any time you want.

This is best done after you have configured all your drum loops in your recording/editing program.

  1. Send the drum track to an Aux set to PRE.
  2. Insert an EQ in the Aux, and roll off everything below 100HZ and everything above 8K. These are just rough values, you may need to experiment some.
  3. Insert a Gate in the Aux, after the EQ, and set it to the fastest Attack time possible, and about a 50ms release. The idea is to only have the snare open the gate. It will sound like a highly gated, very un-natural snare when listening to it alone.
  4. Insert a reverb, or any other effect after the Gate, and set it to fully wet, no dry signal.
  5. Adjust the amount of reverb into the mix with the Aux return.

The concept is to use the EQ to remove the kick drum (and other drums and cymbals) so the gate will only open when the snare is hit, which is the signal that's sent to the effect. Then use the drum track for the dry drums, and the Aux Return for the amount of effect on the snare.

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