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How to Create Unique Drum Tracks with Loops, Crashes, and Splashes

These tips are for the Dry Studio Kit and Pro Drum Works collections. In addition to all the loops in these collections, individual samples of drum hits and one-shots are included with these products. This allows you to drop in a kick, snare, tom and cymbal crash on top of an existing loop to create your own unique loop and even more realistic drum track.

Crash Cymbals

After assembling all your grooves and fills to create your drum parts, don’t forget to add cymbal crashes. Drummers will usually hit a crash on the downbeat of the measure right after a fill. Since all the crash cymbals are provided separately for you, placing them on a separate track than the drums will give you more flexibilty when you mix.

When adding a crash cymbal to your drum track, keep in mind a drummer will almost always play a kick or snare at the same time. This gives the crash some bottom end to make the accent more powerful.

Splash Cymbals

To make your drum tracks even more realistic, try placing splash cymbals every now and then on top of a snare hit.

For example, place a splash on top of the snare on beat four, at the end of a four or eight bar section. This breaks up the repetitive loops, and divides sections of your songs. It’s these little things that create unique and interesting drum tracks.

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