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Understanding Pro Drum Works Loop File Names

With the gigabytes of loops included in the full Pro Drum Works collections it was necessary for us to develop a file naming system that would be easy for you to use and remember. Once you understand this system, you'll be able to quickly find the loop you're looking for.

Most loops are identified by two words. The first word describes the kick and snare pattern. The second describes the cymbal pattern.

Kick Drum Patterns

Most Kick drum patterns are either described as Basic or Funk.

Basic - Simple 8th note kick pattern.
Funk - Kick playing patterns that uses both 8th and 16th notes.
Reggae - Kick playing on beats 2 and 4
Double-Kick - Two kick drums used to play 8th, 16th, and 32nd note patterns.

Snare Drum Patterns

Snare drum patterns are described after the dash - (usually upper case letters)

A - Simple variation of the snare (Beats two, and the & of three)
B - More complex snare pattern. (Beats two and four, with other accents and grace notes).
C - Simple variation of snare pattern. (The 16th before beat two, and down-beat of four)
D - Simple variation of snare pattern. (The & of two, and down-beat of four)
CT - Snare played Cut-Time. (Only on beat three) NOTE: These loops can be used for very slow songs by keeping the tempo of your project higher, but counting the tempo at half speed.
DT - Snare played double-time. On all the up-beats. NOTE: These loops can be used for very fast songs by keeping the tempo of your project lower, but counting the tempo at double speed.
Train - Snare playing 16th notes on the snare and accenting beats two and four.
Train-DT - Snare playing 16th notes on snare and accenting the up-beats, for a double-time feel.
SS - Side-Stick used on the rim of the snare instead of hitting the drum in the center, to give a clicking sound.
Flams - Snare drum played with both sticks at about the same time. Creates a short slap-back delay sound.

Cymbal Patterns

8ths - Hi-Hat cymbals playing straight eighth notes pattern. (The most common)
16ths - Hi-Hat playing straight sixteenth notes pattern.
Disco - Hi-Hats playing a common open-close pattern.
Open - Hi-Hats playing half open to give a heavy sound to the groove. Either playing on the quarter or eighth notes.
Ride - Ride cymbal playing straight eighth note pattern.
Floor - Straight eighth note pattern played on the Floor Tom, instead of on the cymbals.


Basic-B 8ths = Basic simple kick drum pattern, with a variation on the snare B, played with a straight 8th notes on the Hi-Hats.
Funk-C 16ths = Funkier kick drum pattern Funk, with a variation on the snare C, played with a straight 16th notes pattern on the Hi-Hats.
Basic-CT Floor = Basic simple kick pattern, with the snare playing cut-time CT, and the floor tom playing instead of the cymbals.
Funk-DT Ride = Funkier kick pattern Funk, with the snare playing double-time DT, and the ride cymbal playing instead of the Hi-Hats.


There are also folders that contain various grooves and patterns not easily described.

Jungle Beats - The grooves in this folder are played on just the toms, and have a sort of tribal sound. Mix these Jungle-Beats with the single kick drum patterns found in the Misc. Grooves folder, and the hand percussion loops from the Smart Loops Percussion Kit.

Misc. Grooves - This folder has unique grooves and patterns not found in the other folders. This is a good place to start if you’re looking for something different, or to spark an idea for a new song.

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