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Working With Pro Drum Works

Gigabytes of Loops

With the gigabytes of loops included in the full Pro Drum Works collections we highly recomend copying all the folders from the CDs/DVD onto your hard drive. If you have the space on your hard drive, it will be well worth it. This will give you easy access to all the loops on the different CDs, and they will play much quicker from within your program’s Loop Explorer.

Switch Kits

If you decide you want to use one of the other kits from the Pro Drum Works collection after you’ve already created your drum tracks, that’s not a problem. Since all the file names for the three different kits are the exactly the same, you can just replace the loops you’re using with the same ones from one of the other kits.

Audition Loops

Some of the patterns found in the Pro Drum Works collections may sound the same. But if you really listen you’ll notice slight variations. For example, you may find several grooves that are identical except for a slight variation of the kick drum pattern. This allows you to find just the right pattern to lock-in with the bass or guitar parts you have recorded. So take your time auditioning several different drum loops to find the one that works perfect with the groove you’re working on.

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